Endless Possibilities In Art And Design


1. Layout:

View the overall layout for information or elements for proper location or position such as: distance from the edges, spine text direction, paragraph alignment and indention. Consistency is usually the rule for coloration and formatting text like font, size, boldness, italics, alignment, line spacing color… So look for similar attributes throughout a design and see that they are applied in other areas the same way.

2. Color and Positioning:

This varies for each project, but take a little time to look over the positioning, brightness, contrast, color schemes and sharpness of images and placed art files.

3. Information / Spelling / Grammar:

We recommend that you have a couple of people read through and check over your proofs for spelling and grammatical content. Examine proofs several times over. Make sure you have not omitted any thing, like credits for contributors to your project such as: producers, engineers, copyrights, graphics, photographers, musicians, writers, and anyone else that should be included in your thank you's or credit sections. For audio, check song title spellings, play times, song sequence, side splits for cassettes, credits for any publishers, arrangements, songwriters, composers… Also look for odd line breaks, symbol replacements or other oddities that might be due to computer errors or font glitches. Clearly note any changes and location to the designer via phone, fax, mail or E-mail. Remember even spell check doesn't know how to spell most people's last names, E-mail or website addresses.

4. Bar Code (UPC), Catalogue Number, Etc.:

If creating your own UPC, make sure your vendor code, and product code and the check digit are correct. If using a UPC provided to you, verify it with the supplier. It is important to have this number correct.

5. Approval:

Remember, approving the proof must be your responsibility before your job can proceed to production. Infinity Graphics cannot be responsible to proof nor approve your work for any typographic errors, omissions or mistakes. We are not responsible for images that are supplied incorrectly (low resolution, incorrect color or blurred). The color of your proofs as they appear on your monitor are only a representation of the final printed piece and may vary slightly.

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